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OTE & THE Artist Collective SCHOOL


OTE Dance Studio has partnering with The Artist Collective, a

 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2005 by Robert Gilliam
to provide a creative outlet for minority dance artists and

underserved communities in Los Angeles.

Through this partnership Robert, his staff  and OTE Dance Studio  teachers will provide school and community dance programs, dance classes, arts camps, workshops and special events.   


The Artist Collective has served thousands of students

at over 60 schools throughout LA County.  

Robert Gilliam was recently awarded and featured as a Dance/USA Artist Fellow. 
Click here to read the article

In November 2022, Robert Gilliam's Artist Collective was awarded a grant from the Ramesh and Kalpana Bhatia Family Foundation to expand school outreach and arts education programs in Los Angeles. Click here for more information. 



Mr. Gilliam has designed his "Do U Dance" programs so that all students will experience success as well as challenges in a positive and loving environment. Do U is designed for students to learn the value of the arts, creativity and self-expression. He works to nurture the artist deep within each person. The program classes and workshops are a creative mixture of different dance styles, with an emphasis on having fun.The spectrum of dance techniques include; Hip-Hop, Krump, Breakin', Jazz and Contemporary as well as drawing from the foundations of Yoga and Pilates techniques to increase and balance strength and flexibility.


The DO U programs have been created for elementary, middle

and high school students. The programs can be book as follows:

P.E. Dance Elective/Class (6, 8 or 12 weeks)

After School Dance Workshop (anytime frame)

After School Classes (anytime frame)



OTE’s "Do U Dance" Preschool Program, is a journey into the introduction of basic dance movements and principles. We've created a program that combines dance techniques with early childhood development. The method behind our curriculum is guaranteed to keep our young minds stimulated, curious, and amused with their dance education as well as continuously making progress in their development.

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This innovative student-centered dance program in partnership with The Artist Creative, was created by  Master Teachers and OTE Dance Studio Owners Robert Gilliam and Kim Borgaro.

Live The Dream provides  high-quality dance training classes while supporting dancers on their journey of  living up to their fullest potential as a young and creative dance force.


This program has a strong foundation in Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, and Ballet however; dancers will explore various dance techniques and styles. 




A 3 hour evening focused on dance, creativity and play.  


For the students we create a safe space to explore, create, play and share with professional practicing artists.   


For parents this is an opportunity to have an evening alone - to drop off their children and know that they will have a safe and great time.


For the school - this is an opportunity to have a program that reinforces both the value of dance and creativity in the healthy development of their students , but also instructors will take “teachable moments” to address character and life skill lessons, all hidden in the fun and energetic activities.  building a community that shares values and supports individuality


How it is structured:

Scheduled either on a Friday or Saturday night and  typically it runs from 6 - 9pm or 5 - 8pm. The three hours will be broken up into Dance, Visual Art and a directed-recreational activity.


There is a snack time - (students can bring their own, or this is an opportunity for the PTA to make money selling food, drinks and dessert).

What this can become: Schools have done a single event, and others have scheduled this once per quarter, once a semester or regular after-school events.

The choice is yours to build a program that works best for your school goals and building your community.

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