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Pre-professional performance companies and training
programs for dancers ages 6-19

                                                OTE Dance Companies (OTE Youth Dance Ensemble, OTE Minis and OTE Tinys are non-competitive,                                                      concert-based repertory dance companies for dancers  ages 6-19.  The company provides young                                                            dancers with a rigorous training program comprised of technical and expressive classwork, and fully                                                        designed concert dance performances.  


                                                 Founded in 2011 by Creative Directors Kim Borgaro and Robert Gilliam, On The Edge Youth Dance                                                           Ensemble's mission is to nurture young dancers in an artistic environment by encouraging company                                                         members to tap into their inner artist and embrace their creative expression through the art of                                                                   dance. OTE provides dancers with a high-quality student-centered training program, and the opportunity to participate in the creation, production, and performance of works with the highest level of professionalism and artistic integrity. OTE bridges the gap between concert and commercial dance with a strong emphasis on the foundations of contemporary, modern, jazz, and ballet. However, the company's training and choreography successfully infuse hip-hop, African, Latin, and other ethnically diverse dance styles.  OTE serves as excellent preparation for dance programs at universities and a professional career in dance performance.  


OTE Performance Company hosts two annual company dance concerts each season in December and June.

* The company's Annual Holiday Concert in December (exact date TBD) features solos/duos/trios created, choreographed and performed exclusively by company dancers. The Holiday Concert also includes group pieces choreographed by company directors Kim Borgaro and Robert Gilliam and special guests. 

* OTE's Spring Concert, held in June (exact date TBD) at the Martha B Knoebel Dance Theater at Cal State Long Beach, features company repertoire pieces, new works choreographed by directors Kim Borgaro and Robert Gilliam, selected student choreographed along with guest choreographers/artists. 

* OTE Youth Dance Ensemble also participates in local and regional festivals and events throughout the year.

Dancers must audition each year to be a member of OTE Performance Companies. 

Each company has their own requirements in terms of how many class hours they must take/week and also how many rehearsal hours they have/week.   

For tuition pricing or additional information, please contact us at: or 310  730 6503. 

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OTE JUNIOR'S (ages 10-15)


7.5 class hours/week

Company Class/Rehearsal 

Friday, 6:00-8:00PM (2 hours) 

Tuesday Company Class (1.5 hours_

1 Ballet Class (1 hour) 

1 Acro4Dance (1 hour) 

Wednesday Jazz & Contemporary (2 hours)

Additional classes are recommended but not required. 

Additional rehearsals will be added before each concert.




9.5 class hours/week 

Company Class/Rehearsal on Saturday, 2:00-6:00PM (4 hours)

Wednesday Company Class (1.5 hours)

1 Ballet & 1 Pointe class  (2 hours) 

Thursday Jazz & Contemporary (2 hours)

2 additional classes per week 

Additional classes are recommended but not required. 

Additional rehearsals will be added before each concert.


OTE MINI'S (ages 6-9)


6.5 class hours/week

Company Class/Rehearsal  Saturday,11;30-1:45 (2.15 hours)

Monday Company Class (1 hour)

1 Ballet class (1 hour) 

Monday Jazz (1  hour) 

Acre class (1 hour) 

Additional classes are recommended but not required. 

Additional rehearsals will be added before each concert.

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