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Private lessons offer one-on-one training that is sometimes necessary to help dancers grow.

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Dancers can receive instruction outside of group classes in a private setting for individual growth in many different ways. If a dancer wants to focus on a specific trick, technique or aspect of dance otherwise, we can help. If a dancer is interested in trying out for a school team, show, or play, we can help. If a dancer is in a pageant or talent show, we can help. If a dancer just needs a little more support that can’t occur in the time frame of the group class, we can help.

Families can request private lesson time in increments of 30 minutes with most booking 30 minutes to an hour.

Pricing May Vary depending on the Teacher and length of private lesson. 

Please contact the studio at 310-730-6503 or We are happy to answer questions and get your first lesson scheduled! 

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