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Fall: August 28 - January 28

Spring: January 29-June 9


Student tuition must be paid-in full at the start of the semester.

Full tuition payments can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cash or check (made payable to On The Edge Dance Studio) at the front desk during open business hours. 

We do offer monthly payment options for dancers who take 2 or more classes a week. In order to set-up a monthly plan, this must be discussed and approved by the studio manager. A credit card will be required and must enroll in autopay to make set monthly payments. 

All company dancers will be required to enroll in AutoPay and will be charged monthly for their company tuition.


NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be issued for paid tuition.  

If a dancer misses classes due to Covid or other health-related illnesses refunds or credits will not be issued and dancers can take their make-up classes upon return to the studio.

If a client requests a charge back from their credit card without the studio's approval, we will immediately respond with this policy to ensure that the refund is NOT issued and will work with the client to resolve any issues. 

NO tuition refunds will be issued for any public health closures. If the studio is forced to close due to state and local health guidelines we will work to schedule classes online or outdoors. If a dancer is unable to continue classes, 80% of remaining tuition fees will be applied as a credit to your studio account, 20% will be withheld for studio admin fees.  The credit is valid through the current dance season or when the studio returns. 


To drop a class during the semester a dancer must send an email to with the drop request. 

If a dancer requests to leave the class before the end of the semester, NO REFUNDS or CREDITS will be issued. 

If a dancer needs to leave the studio due to unprecedented circumstances,  a written notice must be sent to the studio (email is acceptable) to the studio front desk. Upon approval for a refund the remaining tuition amount will be issued and we will deduct an 8% fee administrative fee. 

Any refunds or credits that are issued to your account will be charged an 8% administrative fee, NO EXCEPTIONS! 


All families must log into their Parent Portal and sign our updated liability waivers before your dancer can begin classes in person. These forms will be updated before the online registration date.


All classes will require an enrollment of 6 dancers. If the minimum class enrollment is not met by the start of the semester, the class will be canceled, and dancers will be moved to another class.  


If a class is unexpectedly canceled by the studio, a credit will be placed on your account to use for another class. No refunds will be issued for canceled classes.


If a dancer misses a class they can do a make-up class within the current semester. Make-up classes will not rollover to the next semester


NO cell phones in class.

Dancers arriving 15 minutes or more after the start of class may not be admitted to the class. 

Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated and the dancer will be asked to leave the class and the studio. If a dancer/student is experiencing bullying from a fellow dancer(s) please go to the teacher and/or the front desk staff so this issue can be resolved. 

Excessive talking or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  A student will be asked to leave the class and studio if they are disrespectful to other students or teachers. 

Dancers that take Uber or other car share, please let the front desk staff know. The front desk staff will escort the dancer to the car and verify the driver.

Dancers should wait for their parents/guardians INSIDE the studio. Please do not wait outside in the parking lot. 

Parents/Guardians/Friends are NOT permitted inside the dance studio space any time during a class, unless invited by the teacher .

NO food or gum allowed in the studio.

Must abide by the dress code for each class. 


Dancers should label or write names in all dance wear, outer clothing and shoes. Lost items left at the studio will be donated to charity once a month.

Child Protection Policy & Procedure 

It is the policy of OTE Dance Studio to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people by protecting them from all forms of abuse including physical, emotional and sexual harm.

We are committed to creating a safe environment in which young people can feel comfortable and secure while engaged in our lessons and workshops.

Personnel should at all times show respect and understanding for an individual's rights, safety and welfare.


Below please find the guidelines for all OTE Dance Studios staff/ self employed teachers:

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