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Below please find the Hair and Make-up for all dancers participating in the recital (unless specified by the teacher).  
Stage Make-Up: Foundation (matching skin tone), powder, blush, neutral tone smokey eyes, eye liner, mascara OR false eyelashes (lashes are preferred for the older dancers), shaded eye brows and lip stick (Red is preferred - but some dancers may wear pink or other colors discussed with the teacher). 
Hair: Most of the classes will have their hair in a TIGHT High Bun,  Low Tight Ponytail. 
Tight bun on top of head for most of the dancers.  Many dancers will have hair accessories so be sure the have the bun tight and slicked back with LOTS of hairspray. 

Tight high/low ponytail. Be sure to have the front of the hair slicked back with hairspray or gel.  
Here are some make-up tutorials:
Here are some bun & high pony tail tutorials:

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