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July 14-16



performance camp

age group: 7-10

FEE: $200

This camp is scheduled to be held outdoors @ Carlson Park


This 3-day Performance Camp will focus strictly on providing a creative experience where the dancers will learn and potentially help create choreography for one final unique piece to perform at the end of the last day.


This camp aims to provide our dancers with "performance training" to help them develop their emotional expression skills, musicality, project their energy, and contribute to the overall creative experience! 


OTE Studio Owners Kim Borgaro and Robert Gilliam will be working directly with the dancers, where they will learn a variety of dance styles including Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Improvisation, Partnering, etc.  Since OTE is a very collaborative studio, guest teachers may be invited to teach classes/choreography throughout the camp. 

Masks will be required for all dancers and OTE staff throughout the camp. Plus, we are asking that family and friends attending the final performance to wear a mask for the duration of the show.  

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