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OTE focuses on hierarchy of measures to create a safe environment beginning with requiring students and staff who are ill to stay home, followed by frequent hand washing and good hygiene practices, amplified cleaning, and making curricular and facility adaptations to minimizing contact

and mingling among dancers.

General Health and Safety Protocols (updated Fall 2023) 

  • Masks will be optional for dancers and staff 

  • Only dancers and OTE staff will be permitted in the studio for in-person classes

  • Lobby and lounge areas will be closed to parents and friends. 

  • No food is allowed inside the studio . 

  • We will work to make sure that dancers are placed a minimum of 6 feet apart inside the studio 

  • Signage is posted outside and inside each studio to remind dancers and staff of social distancing 

  • To adhere to the state and county guidelines, all teachers, dancers (over the age of 2) and staff are required to wear masks. 

  • All Ballet barres will be cleaned/ sanitized after each class. 

  • Each student will place his or her personal items in a designated location inside each studio, while maintaining 6 feet from other dancers. 

  • Dancers and staff members will either wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before they enter and exit the dance room. 

  • Dancers will be required to take their temperature before every class.  If anyone has a temperature of over 100 they will not be permitted in the building. In addition students will have to speak to a staff member and answer a series of questions.

  •  Dancers that are showing any symptoms or have come in contact with someone that has tested positive should not come to class for at least 2 weeks.

  • If a dancer tests positive for Covid, we will be contact tracing all students in their class that have may have been exposed. 

  • A dancer can return to class after their quarantine and will proof of a negative test. 

Covid Refund/Cancellation Policies 

  • The has been lots of unpredictability with the Covid and the variants over the past few weeks and we have updated or Covid policies for tuition and class cancellation 

  • We will not be issuing any REFUNDS or Credits for paid tuition or missed classes due to Covid quarantine or exposure. 

  • If there is a change in the State or Local Covid guidelines we will act immediately to adheare to the new policies. 

  • If the studio is forced to shut down due to Covid closures, NO refunds will be issued. However, we will issue a credit of 80% of the paid tuition to the dancers account to be used through the current dance season.

  •  If the studio owners decide to close the studio or cancel classes due to a new Covid surge and increase in cases, no refunds will be issued and account credits will be added to your account for the canceled classes ONLY. 

  • Depending on the closure times, we may move classes ONLINE or try to schedule the classes OUTSIDE (pending on space availability at local parks). 

Cleaning protocols

The more frequently we clean and disinfect surfaces and objects, the greater chance we have of reducing the spread of germs. To prevent germs from contaminating surfaces and objects, we have implemented the following cleaning and disinfecting protocols:

  • The studio is cleaned in its entirety daily, including daily disinfection of all surfaces by a professional commercial janitorial company.  

  • After each class, the floors will be swept and lightly cleaned with a disinfectant approved by the EPA to fight Covid-19. 

  • Bathrooms are cleaned with a disinfectant throughout they duration of the classes. 

Drop off and pick up procedures protocols

Please review our new drop off and pick up procedures with your dancer:

  • Dancers age 8+ will be dropped off no more than 5 min early for class or picked up more than 5 min after class. Parents of dancers age 8+ are asked to stay in their cars during drop off and pick up. Dancers under 8 can be met at the lobby doors by parent/guardian. 

  • Dancers must wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before starting class. 

  • Once they enter, dancers go directly to their designated waiting area, which will be specified by the teacher.

  • After class dancers will be dismissed from the dance room. 

  • Dancers should use hand sanitizer when exiting the studio. 

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