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Dancers will be required to wear a mask when indoors or sitting close to another dancer. 

SHOW 2 |  JUNE 9th 5:30PM

Monday 6PM Beg/Int Jazz

Monday Beg/Int Jazz (12-17) Black jacket with black leotard under Red/Black tights Boys: Red jacket and black pants Hair: TBD Stage make-up with mask Shoe: Black or tan jazz shoes or foot paws

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 4.13.36 PM

Monday7PM Hip-Hop Orange crop shirt (OTE purchased) with black leotard, tank or sports bra Hi-waisted black biker shorts Orange visor (OTE purchased) Hair: Low tight ponytail Stage make-up with mask Shoes: Nude foot paws or barefoot

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 6.31.07 PM

Tuesday 5PM Ballet & 7PM Pointe Burgundy leotard (OTE purchased) (dancers must tuck the lining so the skirt is sheer) Burgundy skirt (OTE purchased) Pink Ballet tights Shoes: CLEAN pink Ballet shoes Black dance shorts Hair: Tight low ballet bun Stage make-up with lipstick

Tuesday 6PM Contemporary

Tuesday 6PM Beg Contemporary Brown t-shirt and burgundy pants (OTE purchased) Shoes: Tan/brown socks Hair: TBD Stage make-up with mask

Tuesday 6PM Beg Hip-Hop

Tuesday Beg Hip-Hop Black pleather shirt/jacket (OTE Purchased) Black top and black pants Shoes: Black or white sneakers Hair: TBD Make-up: Girls should wear stage make-up


All Acro4Kids and Acro4Dance classes Girls: Black leotard and black dance shorts. Boy: Black workout short and white/gray t-shirt. Performance will be done in barefoot

Wednesday 4PM Ballet

Wednesday 4PM Ballet Burgundy leotard (OTE purchased) Burgundy skirt (OTE purchased) Pink ballet tight Shoes: CLEAN pink ballet shoes Hair: Low tight ballet bun

Tuesday 6PM Modern

Tuesday 6PM Modern (Juniors) White button down (shirt sleeves cut off), black leotard and black dance shorts Shoes: Barefoot or flesh tone foot paws Hair: TBD Stage make-up with red lipstick

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 7.49.08 PM

Wednesday 6PM Jazz Black biketard (OTE purchased) Shoes: Barefoot or flesh tone foot paws Hair: TBD Stage make-up

Wednesday 6PM Contemporary

Wednesday 6PM Contemporary White lyrical dress (OTE purchased) Hair: TBD Shows: Barefoot or with foot paws

Thursday 5PM K-Pop

Thursday 5PM K-Pop Dancers should wear anything pasel - pink, green, yellow. Can wear skirts, shorts or pants, with t-shirt or sweatshirt (Photo for inspiration) Shoes: light colored sneakers Hair: TBD Make-up: Stage make-up

Thursday 6PM Jazz

Thursday 6PM Int/Adv Jazz Pink dress (OTE purchased) Shoes: Foot paws Hair: TBD Make-Up: Stage make-up with pink lipstick

Thursday 7PM Contemporary

Thursday 7PM Contemporary Purple dress (OTE purchased) Shoes: Foot paws Hair: TBD Make-up: Stage make-up

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