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Limited tickets will be available at the door for $25  (cash & check only) 



OTE Dance Studio | 5563 Sepulveda Blvd.


Dancer Call Time: 1:45PM

Rehearsal: 2:00-4:00PM

ACT 2:

Dancer Call Time: 3:45PM

Rehearsal: 4:00-6:00PM


For this year’s dress rehearsal we will be running through all the pieces at OTE Dance Studio and NOT at the theater! To limit the dancers time spent at the dress rehearsal, we have split the dancer rehearsal times into ACT 1 and ACT 2. All dancers over the age of 7 will be required to stay for the full rehearsal time (either 2-4PM or 4-6PM). The younger dancers will be released AFTER they run their piece(s). For dancers that have numbers in both acts that will need to remain at the studio for the full rehearsal (2-6PM).  Dancers will not be able to LEAVE the studio at any time.

STUDIO 1 / Red Floor: Theater Space

STUDIO 2/ Gray Floor: Dressing room

About the rehearsal:

  • THIS IS A FULL DRESS REHEARSAL. All dancers MUST arrive stage ready – hair and make-up and in costume. For dancers with multiple dances please come ready in your first piece and BRING ALL of your costumes, accessories and shoes. 

  • We will be checking in and checking out ALL DANCERS at the studio front door. Dancers will be escorted to the Dressing Room or Dancer Holding Areas. PLEASE ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR!! 

  • Parents, family, and guests are not permitted to attend the dress rehearsal. It is imperative that everyone respects these boundaries for the management and safety of all the children.

    • We are making the exception for parents of our youngest dancers in our Sat ballet 10AM, the parents WILL be allowed to stay for the rehearsal in the dancer holding area, and will be dismissed after the dancers run through their piece. 

  • Dancer (ages 5-7) Dismissal: We will be dismissing the 5-7 year-old dancers ONLY at the dress rehearsal AFTER they run through their piece. We do not have an exact time, but will advise the parents upon drop off an estimated time for pick-up. 

  • Dancer Dressing Room and Holding Area: We will be using the small studio as the dressing room area.  OTE staff members will be managing this area and will have staff assisting any dancers with costume changes. We will have garment racks for dancers to hang their costumes.  The front desk lobby will be a dancer holding area and the front lobby will be used for the numbers on-deck. 

  • Costumes: All dancer will be responsible for their costumes and accessories. We also encourage DANCERS in MULTIPLE pieces to wear a flesh ton undergarment leotard/camisole! Here's a link to one available at Discount Dance

  • For specific class hair, make-up, costume and accessories information visit:

  • We also recommend labeling all of your child's belongings – especially costume items. 

  • Hair/Make-up: We have posted some examples and tutorials on our website.

  • Snacks and Water: Dancers should eat before coming to the rehearsal, as there will not be any time for lots of breaks. Dancers are welcome to bring water and light snacks. Please do not bring any food items that need refrigeration or will cause a mess. 


Lincoln Middle School Auditorium 
1501 California Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403

Showtime: 3:00PM 
Theater Doors Open: 2:30PM 

Due to the number of dancers performing in the show, we have scheduled specific call times for each age group in order to better facilitate the dancer check-in.

Dancer Call Times: 
Ages 12-17 | 1:45PM 
Ages 8-11 | 2:15PM
Age 3-7 | 2:30PM 

* Please plan to arrive at your scheduled call-time. All dancers MUST BE at the theater by 2:30PM. 

  • Dancer Drop-Off: Dancers will need to enter through the side gate. We will have OTE Staff members signing in dancers and escorting them to the dressing room/theater. NO PARENTS will be permitted to enter through this gate. All parents must enter the theater through the front doors. 

  • Backstage: The backstage are is for DANCERS ONLY. NO PARENTS or FRIENDS will be permitted in the backstage area! The backstage is busy and lots happening but we will have OTE staff and fellow dancers helping with costume changes and escorting dancers to and from the stage during the show. 

    • Only exception for parents backstage is for our youngest dancers in our Sat 10AM Ballet class. 

  • Intermission Early Release:  This year we will require ALL PARENTS for dancers AGES 3-7 to fill out an intermission Pick-Up form in order for your child to be dismissed at this time. We will provide the parents this form at the Dress Rehearsal to be completed and handed in. We simply can not have parents arriving at the Pick-up gate demanded their child (over the ages of 7) be dismissed at intermission time simply because they want to leave the show or sit in the audience. Due to the RESERVED seating we will not have extra seats for the dancers and we ENCOURAGE all dancers to stay back stage for the full show and participate in our Curtain Call at the end of the performance. 

  • Parking: There is ample parking in the school parking lots. 

  • Parent Volunteers: We want to thank all of the parents that have volunteered to help us at the Front of the House. Erin will be sending a follow-up email with specific duties and positions. 

  • Videographer & Photographer: Our scheduled videographer can no longer shoot this performance. We are looking for any additional help or contacts that we can reach out to take video and photos of this performance. Please send any contact us at


  • Donations for backstage & concessions: We are currently accepting any donations for water and snacks for the dancers to have backstage including BOTTLED WATER (the small kids size works best), energy bars and any other HEALTHY SNACKS! We would also be happy to accept any donations to sell at our snack stand (water, soda, chips etc). These donations can be dropped off anytime at the studio or at the dress rehearsal. 

  • Please note: We will not have any flowers available to purchase at the show. THere are a few grocery stores in the area. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or at 310-730-6503 (during business hours). 

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